WP vs Sharks 12-10-2014 (20-28)

Well like a lot of Wp supporters I was quite disappointed when I saw the team to face the Sharks on Saturday seeing as I would have loved to have gotten one up on them for what they did to us in the final last season, only to be quite surprised with the youngsters for the gutsy performance they put up against the Sharks. I was not disappointed in the end score as I think that the future of Wp rugby is looking good with all the young talent coming through the ranks. Wp made to many errors in the second half and it was clearly visible that the Sharks had tighten up their game and was a lot more focused in the second half. Rather than the sharks beating us in the second half I feel we gave it away with al the penalties that we conceded. Clearly we needed a senior player to step up and take control. That said the try scored by Pat Howard clearly indicate that we are on the right track and soon we will be seeing our boys running and attacking like the olden days.

But onward to the semi’s where we will meet the Bulls at Newlands. Hopefully all franchises allow the Springboks to rest and the youngsters can finish off the season as they deservedly have the credentials to do so as they have proven throughout the season they are up for the task of taken our beloved Wp to the Currie Cup final. Holding thumbs for this week’s preparation as we can ill afford a silly injury at this stage and hopefully come Saturday we will cement our place in the final!


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